Day One- Complete ✓

I came back from our first tutorial and lecture today full of motivation to stay on top of the work load and blogs. I came back to my laptop ready to immerse myself into the foreign land of ICT’s. What I was not expecting was to have to complete a cloze exercise about what I presumed was about parenting. Have I opened the wrong page on Study Desk?

My answers along with the cloze exercise are below-

The questions that parents face as they raise children from infants to adult are not easy to answer. Both females and males can become concerned when health problems such as colds arise anytime after the early stage to later life. Experts recommend that young children should have plenty of sleep and nutritious food for healthy growth. Boys and girls should not share the same bedroom or even be in the same room. They may be afraid of the dark.

The forum we were to post our answers on was blocked from viewing fellow students answers until our answer was posted. Once I had posted I saw most students, like Ally and Sophia had posted similar answers to mine. “Phew”, I thought! I’ve got the right answer. However as I read on through the moodle book, I began to see the point of the exercise. The task demonstrated the notion of schema’s as the original paragraph reads about poultry. Perhaps if we were to give this task to a farmer their answers would be completely different but as we are all studying the same degree and our interests revolve around children our minds diverted straight to what we know and our prior experiences with children.

This notion of schemata’s and acknowledging past experiences and perspectives is also interesting when thinking about all the students commencing this course this semester. We all have difference experiences with ICT’s and this is having initial impacts on our confidence with the course material. However, as our lecturer David stated in his blog that Piaget, devised an accommodation theory where where schemata are changed (either old are modified or new are created) to account for the new insights. Let’s hope this transformation happens during our EDC3100 journey! 


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