Using the TEST Framework!

The Task-

I have only attended the tutorial and lecture for week one and already it seems like we have been exposed to dozens of ICT tools that would be great to implement into lessons whilst on prac and beyond. Like many students I am wondering, how do I keep a track of them all in one place, so when I am planning for prac I don’t have to trawl through pages and pages of study desk tasks?

The Environment-

The majority of resources will be found using online sources. These may be in the form of google docs, websites, links on Study Desk, blogs or smart phone applications.

Books may occasionally be used but because of the way technology is ever changing it’s very easy for books to become out of date shortly after their publication.

The Skills-

I am competent in navigating my way around the internet and I am usually able to learn how to use new programs and different ICT’s pretty quickly.

The Tools-

Bookmark and add annotations to useful websites using Diigo.

Remember to tag my Diigo so pages with similar content can be clustered together.

If I am on my iphone I can copy and paste the URL and add it to a note with other resources I have found.

Alternatively, I can copy and paste the URL’s into a word document when using my laptop.

Bookmark the pages using Chrome (my preferred web browser)


 Looking forward to seeing all your suggestions 🙂 


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