Digital Natives Vs. Digital Immigrants

I found this week’s article on Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants very interesting. Coming from an Italian immigrant family this notion of natives and immigrants runs thick through my blood and naturally got my very curious. In case you were unaware this is the idea that because of the increasing prevalence of technology in everyday life younger generations who have been born into and brought up in the digital age have a greater aptitude for using ICTs. These children are the digital natives. Where as digital immigrants are those who can’t use technology and consider it as foreign. 

There is quite a lot of controversy regarding the notion however for my it seems a no brainer! It’s all about immersion. Children today are practically born holding an iPad. ICT’s dictate their world so of course they are going to gain a greater aptitude for them than their grandparents who have negative attitudes and will only use them if absolutely necessary. 

At the start of this course I felt a little like my mother on her first day of school. She was an immigrant who spoke no English and the Australian way of life was completely foreign. Through learning the new metalanguage of the course and ICT’s I am now becomming more fluent and would soon almost consider myself a Native of the course! 




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