Placing resources along the SAMR ladder

Today I started having a click around on Scootle and found there is a huge potential for finding quality reasons for our pracs and beyond. I thought for this blog, I’d have a look at a few and rate them along the SAMR Model. The SAMR model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning. Like Emma I like how the model allows me to identify potential implications and ways to improve my ICT pedagogy. 

Resource #1 – Biography of Edmund Barton – Scootle has dozens of these biographies listed. When you open the link, a profile listing information about Edmund Barton appear along with a few photographs. 

This resource is very limited in interactivity and I would rate it on the Substitution rung as I could have discovered the same information reading an encyclopedia.

Resouce #2- Make your Verdict – An interactive game students where join a panel to cast judgement on famous outlaws. Students access the case for the prosecution and the case for the defence, as well as key witness statements.

I would rate this resource on the Redefinition rung. Through learning about the inner workings of our justice system and reading through the cases students also get to be involved in the process and get to cast their own opinions and make decisions regarding the case. 

Resource #3- Character Sound Maker – Build animated characters for a new cartoon show. Students get to choose everything from the character’s personality, voice, feelings, sound effects and scene. This could work really well as a presentation idea for a group of students working on a project. 


This would work really well on the modification rung as common classroom tasks are being accomplished through the use of computer technology. 




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