The history of technology in education

Sorry guys, I’ve been going on a bit of a YouTube rampage but I thought this was was pretty cute!
It takes us on a journey from 30 000 BC to the present day and shows us how technology was used in the classroom.

My eyes gawked a little when I saw over head projectors were common in the 1940’s! We always used these at my little country primary school in the early 2000’s. I might not have thought I was so cool presenting my SOSE project using the OHP for visuals if I had of known that was actually cool 65 years ago haha!

Also, the excitement of the Tv on wheels being wheeled into the classroom? Well apparently the first kids to experience this joy were kids in the 70’s!

Jokes aside, this video really makes you think about what technologies our kids and even our kids kids will be using. I can’t wait to see the embarrassed look on my kid’s faces when I tell them how much I wanted an iPad at uni!


One thought on “The history of technology in education

  1. amyhusq

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    Today I’m reblogging this YouTube video that I found on Danielle’s blog. It shows how technology has evolved from 30000 BC through until today. It is interesting that what was used hundreds of years ago like Pythagoras theory in 510 BC is still being used today, like paper from 105 AD. But what I’m really interested in how technology has evolved so much in the past 100 years. In the 1900’s they were listening to music off a grammar phone and in the 1970’s they were watching VCR’s on a TV. Whereas today we just have to turn on a computer and all the devices displayed in the video can be accessed from the click of a button on a computer and thousands more examples can be found on the internet. It really is amazing. What really scares me is: what will technology evolve into over the next 100 years, and as teachers we will have to keep up with that technology so we can teach it!!!


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