My Online Artefact

Hi everyone,

Here’s the link to my online artefact. I really enjoyed the process of making the weebly website. I found it really user friendly and was really impressed with the final product. I’ve also created and embedded Voci voice files, an Animoto video, comics and videos cropped using TubeChop to spice up my page. 

The greatest challenge I found with making my artefact was appealing to the parents. Explaining theory in user friendly terms and presenting the facts in an engaging manner went against the format of 99% of my other assignments. However I better start getting used to it because in two years when I have a class of my own I’ll be communicating with parents everyday! 

Have a browse and enjoy! 


7 thoughts on “My Online Artefact

  1. lisamlove

    Hi Danielle,
    Love your website. It’s simple, uncomplicated yet informative and you have used some great and innovating tools. I thought it was quite ambitious that you’re the principal of your school, why not aim for the top hey?!
    I did notice one spelling error on your individual needs page, “It mean providing….’ just need to fix up ‘means’.

    Well done, good luck with it.

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