Look no further for resources!


So it turns out that the humble facebook break can actually be incredibly useful. While I was scrolling down my newsfeed I came across a post on a group I joined called Beginning Teachers Resource Forum . I would recommend you join this group as you can get some great ideas but if you’re stuck for lesson plan ideas you can post up and you can be sure to get a response from someone pretty quick.

My eyes happened to be drawn to a post asking how they would teach the ‘long e’ sound to a year 1 class and 2 people posted links to these 2 websites.

 http://www.teachersmarketplace.com.au/ & http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/.

These both have hundreds of thousands of resources for teachers. You have to pay for some but it’s very easy to filter your search for only free resources. 

Check them out, you won’t be disappointed! 


One thought on “Look no further for resources!

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