Surprising outcomes!


This picture perfectly depicts the expression on my face when I received some news this week. For the last few weeks myself and a group of 5 other girls have been working on an online Community of Inquiry for our History and Geography subject. If you’re a bit confused, let me start from the beginning.

We have been exploring the question, ‘are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people adepquately recognised in ANZAC Day celebrations for their contributions in the war efforts?’. On ANZAC Day, Emilie shared a photo on facecbook that was related to this article. Later that day she got a veteran who was a complete stranger message her asking if he could read our CoI when we were finished. As he wasn’t a USQ student he’s not able to read our forum posts but she ended up having an in-depth discussion with him regarding the efforts of Indigenous peoples in the war. 

NONE of this would have been possible without the use of ICT’s! In this case they were able to link 2 strangers on opposite sides of the country and through instant messaging technology she was able to talk to him and gain an authentic veteran’s perspective. This perspective will be invaluable to our assignment! 

So although, we may at times see ICT’s as a hassle and waste of time we must remember that we never know where they can lead us! 




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