Connect.ed modules – our kids are more connected than ever!



I just completed the four modules on the connect.ed. Perhaps what I found most interesting was the statistics regarding children, their ages and the technologies that they are frequently using. I’m only 20 but it blows my mind that students as young as year 3 have their own mobile phones and are accessing social media sites. So much has changed since I was in high school. For most of my friends we were allowed our first mobile phone in year 8. This was such a special time. I’d seen my cousins reach this age and get their phones and I couldn’t wait for the chance to get my own. It seems as though this right of passage has been forgotten.

What I found most helpful in the modules was this website that gives heaps of resources for teachers to use that teach about cyber safety. There are websites suitable for all ages and downloadable lesson plans that are fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum. I’ll certainly be saving this link!


3 thoughts on “Connect.ed modules – our kids are more connected than ever!

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