National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

I’m not sure about you but I have been having trouble keeping up with what content belong to what subject this semester. They are all meshing into one and all seem to have a similar focus on the importance of ICT’s. I realised yesterday that our first it’s well into the second half of the semester and I am only just starting my first assignment that only requires a 2000 word essay. All the others have had us working tirelessly on the computer creating some form of multi-modal presentation, website or webquest! 

So back to the point of my post. We were shown this website in our maths (EDX3280) tutorial. It’s a fantastic website if you’re a little short on maths resources at your school but you don’t want to deprive your students on the great benefits of using manipulatives to conquer the abstract nature of mathematics. It covers all strands of maths from P-12  however it does require the latest version of flash player. Make sure that it’s installed before you start your lesson :). 


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