Webquests! Sorry if it’s too soon to mention that word

Like Renae, I was very glad to submit the webquest assignment for EDX3280! I was even more glad that I began the assignment on the holidays as it made completing it relatively stress free. If you’re really keen you can peruse my webquest here. Whilst it did take a lot of effort and making sure all the little user-friendly details were present was tedious I am pretty proud of my efforts. I believe that students would generally enjoy completing it however like Renae I did question the practicality of it for busy, working teachers. Upon reflection I questioned the importance of the teacher pages. I can see the instances where they would become important however if you were planning on keeping the webquest just between you and your class I would probably give these pages a cheeky skip over. This would free a considerable amount of time to concerntrate on giving the students a not to be forgotten maths inquiry!

Enjoy prac guys!


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