Before this last prac I had never used an interactive whiteboard before. During my first meeting with my mentor she mentioned that the children really enjoy engaging with all the interactive activities on the whiteboard. This got me really excited and I approached my first lesson with an powerpoint packed with interactive games and links to websites. Most of my lessons from then on followed a similar format to this. I stayed true to one of my motto’s ‘fake it until you make it’ and pretended I was an old pro at the technology. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn’t. Here are some of my biggest lessons I learnt-

-Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate- I’m still not sure entirely sure when calibrate means but I sure know what happens when one forgets to calibrate. Interactive activities are a nightmare as the alignment between your finger/pen and the board is totally out of place and you end up with 25 kids screaming ‘you need to calibrate the board!!!’

-Only 1 person can draw on the board at the one time. Writing becomes a big scribble when 2 people write at the same time and sometimes the scribbles can accidently turn into rude pictures! Lucky Miss Chapman has quick reflexes and acted quickly with the eraser.

Bridget found a great website with 56 Ideas to use an Interactive Whiteboard . Check it out! 


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